This part will discuss all of hte well-known women in Rizal's life. It includes their names, description and pictures. We aim to share our knowledge about the women in Rizal's life to all readers out there. Please enjoy reading! :)
        There were nine women that were recorded to have a relationship with Jose Rizal. Some historians say that there were more than nine women in Rizal's life. The following women are the most familiar to most people:

1.) Segunda Katigbak: "The Puppy Love"
Rizal's Age: 16
Where they met: Lipa, Batangas
Description"She was rather short, with eyes that were eloquent and ardent at times and languid at others, rosy-cheeked, with an enchanting and provocative smile that revealed very beautiful teeth, and the air of a sylph; her entire self diffused a mysterious charm." - Rizal

Reason of Separation: Segunda was already engaged to be married to her townmate, Manuel Luz.

2.) Leonor Valenzuela
Rizal's Age: 17
Where they met: House of Dona Concha Leyva in Intramuros, as his neighbor.
How Rizal courted her: Wrote letters using invisible ink. He then taught her how to read the letters.
Reason of Separation: Leonor married another man.

3.) Leonor Rivera
Inspiration for the character of Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo
Rizal's Age: 18
Description: "Tender as a budding flower with kindly, wistful eyes."
Reason of Separation: In the autumn of 1890, Rizal received a letter from Leonor telling him of her coming marriage to a man whom her mother chose to be her mate.

4.) Consuelo Ortiga y Perez
Rizal's Age: 21 - 22
Where they met: Rizal frequented to the home of Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey, the former city mayor of   Manila.
Reason of Separation: Rizal's romance with Consuelo did not turn into a serious affair; he decided to take a step back for two reasons; First, he was still engaged to Leonor Rivera; Second, he was aware of his friend's affection to Consuelo.
Rizal's dedication to her:  A La Senorita C.O.y.P

5.) O-Sei-San
Rizal's Age: 27
Description:"You have the color of Camelia, its freshness, its elegance" - Rizal
Where they met: Tokyo, Japan
Reason of Separation: Rizal was offered a position at the Spanish Legation during that time. He then decided to leave Japan and forget his romance which pained him gravely because he truly loved O-Sei-San.

6.) Gertrude Beckett
Rizal's Age: 27
Date They Met: May 1888
Description: A blue-eyed and buxom girl.
Where they met: Boarding house of the Beckett Family in London
Reason of Separation: Rizal withdrew his feelings before having a relationship with Gertrude, realizing that he had a greater mission to fulfill.

7.) Suzanne Jacoby
Rizal's Age: 29
Date they met: January 28, 1890
Place they met: Brussels, Belgium
How they met: Rizal boarded with Suzanne and her aunts during his stay in Brussels.
Reason of Separation: Rizal realized that he could not deceive her. Suzanne fell in love with Rizal and wept when he left for Madrid in July 1890.

8.) Nellie Boustead
Description: Mestiza daughter of a Filipina and a wealthy French-English merchant whose house was frequented by Filipinos in France.
Year they met: 1891
Where they met: Boustead family's winter residence, Villa Eliada (Biarritz, France)
Reason of Separation: Rizal's marriage proposal failed because Nellie demanded that Rizal give up his Catholic faith and convert to Protestanism.

9.) Josephine Bracken
Description: an 18-year-old petite Irish girl, with bold blue eyes, brown hair and a happy disposition.
Date they met: February 1895
Where they met: Dapitan
How it ended: Rizal regarded Josephine as her wife until his last breath.

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